Contract Services
There are dozens of GMP-compliant production lines in Baiyu’s 4 factories, enabling Baiyu to provide integrated CMO/MAH services to customers.

Liquid injection

Lyophilized injection powder




API and intermediates

TCM extraction



Expert Team: more than 500 experienced employees allocated for CMO service.

Advanced Equipment: Bosch filling lines/RABS, Tofflon lyophilizers, Siemens SCADA/BMS, etc.
Strict Quality System: guided by the requirements of FDA, EMA and NMPA.
Lean Management: cost-effectiveness, real-time online monitoring, data integrity, etc.

Quality commitment
Pursue best quality of products
Comply with all applicable requirements
Excelsior in quality management

With dozens of self-developed products been launched, Baiyu has platforms for the R&D of plenty of products, including but not limited to injections, oral solid preparations, APIs etc.

Allocated with adequate employees, Baiyu is able to conduct end to end contract research, such as marketing research, API process developing, formulation optimizing, quality study, pharmaceutical study, scale up, IND, NDA etc.

Infrastructure with the world’s most advance facility, Baiyu CRO service covers lab scale, pilot scale as well as commercial scale.

Baiyu is willing to offer comprehensive and flexible solutions to clients.
Lyophilized powder
Liquid injection
 Product registration
      Oral solid FDF
API & intermediates
Energetic team, based in each city.
Strong sales-network all over China.
“Goodness” value lead to win-win cooperation with business partners and competitors.